*** Pension Cervene Blato accommodation Trhove Sviny

Pension Trhove Sviny Cervene Blato
Accommodation pension Cervene Blato Trhove Sviny: 
Cervene Blato is a newly reconstructed pension with a restaurant with year round open. Pension offers a high standard for very reasonable prices in a beautiful and quiet environment of forests "Novohradske" Mountains. Accommodation with a family atmosphere in the pension Cervene Blato is situated in a quiet environment on secluded place among Trebon and Nove Hrady.

Pension Cervene Blato Trhove Sviny accommodation:
The maximum accommodation capacity is 45 beds - 33 beds + 11 extra beds. Accommodation is situated in 5x double, 2 triples rooms, 3 four-bed and 1 five-bed rooms. Each room is equipped with foldout extra bed. Standard equipment, own accessories, color TV and internet access in all rooms.

Cervene Blato pension accommodation Trhove Sviny restaurant:
The restaurant offers a pleasant sitting in hunting style and is suitable for holding of ceremonial occasions such as weddings, celebrations, business events and so on. The capacity of the restaurant is 55 seats + sitting on the terrace. There are cooked ready-made meals, fast dishes, specialties, draft beer - Budvar.

Trhové Sviny accommodation Cervene Blato pension services:
Free parking in a secure area of the pension. Opening hours of restaurant is Sunday to Thursday 10-21 hours, Friday and Saturday 10-23 hours..

Holiday in Novohradske mountains Trhove Sviny Pension Cervene Blato Reservations:
Reservation Cervene Blato is only 200 m from the pension. Route of nature trail is formed by paths, which allow passage throught a soft terrain. In the middle of the trail there is built terrace with a view of the peat lake. PLA Cervene Blato has its charm in all seasons. When you visit in June you will be pleased by flowers of "rojovník" marshy - small cane with a dazing odor. With Cervene Blato is inextricably linked history of glass production in "Jirikovo" valley - former glass village at the edge of the Blat. With the current reserve has now former glassworks connection mainly because of the reason of intense peat extraction. From 1860 was heated by peat in glass work, because at the time  the stocks of wood from nearby forests were nearly exhausted. For example, in 1880 glass work extracted nearly 18 million "borku" (bricks of peat) for the year! From the original settlement "Jirikovo udoli" remained preserved until the present time only chapel and three buildings used for recreational purposes.

Novohradske Mountains pension accommodation in the Cervene Blato Trhové Sviny activities:
Pension is located in the heart of cycle routes crossed "Trebonska" basin. A highly developed network of cycle routes with optimal intensity. On these routes there are many tourist interesting targets such as "Tercino" valley with artificial waterfall, Zumberk, Dobra Voda, Suchdol- sand pit, etc. "Petrikovska" area is paradise for mushroomers. The possibility of fishing  in "Novohradske" sport ponds (about 5 km). Spa Aurora and Berta's spa in Trebon (about 16 kilometers). Wellness services can be found in Nove Hrady (about 10 kilometers). You can enjoy skiing in the nearby Austrian resort Harmanschlag (about 30 kilometers). You can swimming in sand pits extending throught the valley  of Luznice from Chlum u Trebone over Suchdol nad Luznici (about 8 kilometers), the world of swimming pools with pleasantly warm salt water and many water attractions Sole Felsen Bad in Gmund (about 15km).
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